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Crawl Spaces Lakewood, Colorado

old wooden hatch to crawlspace damaged and splintered

Basics of Crawl Space Foundation Repair 

Most homeowners seek solutions for their often wet crawl spaces through crawlspace waterproofing, crawl space dehumidification, and proper crawl space insulation Lakewood, CO. The most cost-effective solution to wetness is a complete waterproofing and dehumidification system. However, before addressing foundation issues with a Crawl Space Ninja, it is important to first determine if the crawl space presents a problem. If so, the next step is to address foundation damage with a specialized drywall repair.

In most cases, foundation wall defects are detected during routine inspections. Foundation cracks, small gaps, and other structural integrity problems can affect your basement. Over time water can penetrate the wood framing leading to wetness and mold growth. The resulting combination of structural deficiencies and wetness will result in increased structural maintenance costs, damage to exterior surfaces, and ultimately, foundation repair costs.

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    How do you prevent Water Intrusion? 

    One way to prevent water intrusion is to invest in a quality crawl space foundation repair system. A complete waterproofing system will prevent excess moisture from entering the walls and structure below. It will also prevent wood framing from buckling due to excessive weight, allowing the floor joists to remain in place. When floor joists remain in place they are more resistant to buckling, wood splitting, and expanding and contracting due to changes in temperature, humidity, and the elements.

    An effective system will also eliminate or contain all sources of water entry and ventilation. A complete waterproof system should include a sump pump to recover water directly from crawl space soil. Proper insulation should be used throughout the house on basement floors, attic floors, and crawl space floors. Basement walls should be constructed with blocks that have good thermal value and are fire-proof.

    Poorly insulated ceiling tiles and wall cavities allow moisture to penetrate the structure and create problems with mold and mildew. Walls should be constructed of non-combustible materials. Crawl space insulation should be water-resistant and treated with a premium grade of paint. It is also necessary to install a vapor barrier under the walls, as well as insulating the ceiling and attic floors. Insulation helps keep heating and cooling bills down in the summer and keeps dampness from entering the structure during the winter months.

    Crawl space foundations are at risk for water intrusion due to a number of factors. Moisture can be created in the foundation by cracked and leaking floor joists. This condition is called subsurface drainage. The excessive weight of surrounding buildings can damage the floor joists and cause the ceiling to sag. When the foundation is unable to support the additional weight, it can experience hydrostatic pressure, which causes walls to buckle and walls Cavity Drip.

    When basement walls suffer from hydrostatic pressure, it is important to repair the foundation. There are two types of foundation repair: passive and active. Passive encapsulation refers to adding an additional barrier to help maintain indoor air quality. Active encapsulation requires removal of the existing walls and roof and installing a vapor barrier under the foundation. This process is effective for reducing condensation, but may not be the most effective solution for basement walls suffering from sagging.

    In order to accurately determine the average cost of basement foundation repair services, it is important to understand the factors that contribute to the problem. A complete analysis of the soil, foundation, and soil structure will identify the average cost of drainage system repairs. The soil should be inspected for compaction, and excess grading must be repaired before construction on the foundation begins. The average cost of encapsulation is based on estimating the amount of time needed to install the vapor barrier and repair the foundation. It is also important to include the cost of the landscaping surrounding the foundation to protect existing vegetation. The final average cost of basement foundation repair is based on estimating the cost of installing a vapor barrier.