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Egress System Lakewood, Colorado

egress systems Lakewood Colorado

What Type of Window Egress Windows Should I Choose? 

The average national cost of installing an above-ground, prefabricated egress window Lakewood, CO from a reputable manufacturer can range from several thousand to several hundred thousand dollars. Most consumers only pay around $3000 for a single casement prefabricate, single-hung window installed on a foundation. This is typically only a small portion of the total cost for a commercial building or commercial office, and therefore it is not as costly as a custom egress window. However, a custom egress window installation will provide homeowners with more storage space and a better chance at increased resale value. In order to determine the right window company and the best product for your property, a few simple questions to ask are:

What is the average cost per square foot for residential windows? (This question assumes that the window system is casement prefabrication.) How many floors do you need to cover to provide an adequate egress room? What is the typical entryway for the exterior of your home? An average cost to install prefabricates in commercial buildings is based upon the same measurements and assumptions about the area of the building and the exterior opening.

Does the contractor install the vinyl windows using polyvinyl chloride or fiberglass? If so, is the contractor licensed, and is his or her equipment up to EPA codes for waterproofing? Will the installation also include the installation of a vapor barrier to help protect the wood and other materials from moisture entering through the egress window?

Are there any basement egress windows that I am interested in purchasing to improve the appearance of my house? Will the new additions extend the curb appeal of my home? Will these additional projects also improve energy efficiency and reduce my heating and cooling costs? These questions are important in my overall satisfaction with the contractor, I have chosen to build my house. I am also concerned about the contractor's ability to make the necessary adjustments to accommodate future changes in the property.

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    How many of the required window components are in place?

    In regard to basement egress windows, the contractor must include a seamless opening in the face of each frame and at least five more horizontal feet between each frame and the opening. The contractor should include at least two more foot-wide openings for egress windows that are located between adjacent walls. The building codes require that each of the five openings is made with a seamless opening and should be smooth.


    Does the contractor have any recommended locales for installing the vinyl replacement windows?

    If my home is located on a narrow lot or on a hill, then there may be obstacles that limit the size of the opening that is required for installing egress windows. In this case, the average cost per window would be less than for installing the new vinyl windows on the side of the house and on the hill. In this type of situation, the contractor may want to consider including two more foot openings in the face of the first frame to allow for easier movement of furniture and pets. The average cost per window would be less than installing the windows on the other side of the house.


    What type of framing are the window well frames used with?

    Frame types include post caps, sashes, lintels, spandrel braces, cross bracing, and battens. The most common type of egress windows is the sash-frame. Sash-frame egress windows require the use of interior wood glue. The other type of frame is the post-cap-frame. Post-cap-frame egress windows require the use of exterior wood glue.


    How is the installation performed?

    Once the proper tools and materials are acquired, the contractor should have all the components needed to mount the window well and install the window well. A typical installation includes fastening each piece to the sill. The installation process can be fastened by clamping each piece to the wall studs as well. Most window installation companies also provide emergency installation service in case any complication arises during the installation. If you need help with installation, we can do this for you! Get in touch with us, and we will have our customer service team explain to you how egress system installation services are performed.