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Foundation Repair Lakewood, Colorado

foundation repair 2 Lakewood Colorado

Solutions to Foundation Repair 

Concrete slab foundations and piers and beam foundations Lakewood, CO may develop serious problems, that require home foundation repair. Foundation cracking is one such problem that often affects concrete slab foundations. Cracks may be either topical or structural. In case of topical cracks, they are repaired by refilling with concrete mix while in case of structural crack the foundation has to be torn down and rebuilt. Most home foundation problems occur in old houses or bungalows built prior to 1976 when concrete slab foundations were used.

Home foundation repair is not an easy task as it involves precise and special skills. Professionals conducting foundation repair must have the required experience and specialized know-how to carry out the task properly. They have to use heavy equipment like bulldozers and backhoes to remove standing water, dispose of sewage and drain clogs. Contractors also use heavy-duty pumps to pump out excess moisture from the damaged area.

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    Reasons why House Foundation Repair gets Complicated? 

    There are a number of reasons for which the house foundation repair may get complicated. One of the reasons could be incorrect slab thickness, which may be less than 2 inches. Another reason could be the poor construction of the house. Over time, water may seep through the interior of the concrete slab.

    Most contractors prefer to tackle basement foundation problems with simple paver cracks and concrete filling. However, you need to be very careful while dealing with the basement foundation repair method as it needs a lot of experience and expertise. When your walls or doors start getting cracks, you should first determine if the wall or door is causing the foundation problem. If not, then you should use a non-susceptible sealant to seal the cracks.


    When to Call a Professional? 

    Home foundation repair services are best handled by licensed and experienced professionals. Home repairmen are equipped with the proper tools, materials, and experience to undertake all kinds of repairs, which includes basement foundation issues. Most home repairs need to be addressed by licensed professionals who have gained the essential knowledge and skills from a number of years of experience.

    You should do some research before hiring any contractor to address your foundation problems. You can make use of the Internet to find a number of qualified and experienced contractors. You should ask your friends and relatives if they know anyone who has made use of a good contractor to address their foundation problems. You should also ask your insurance company to provide you with a list of companies that address foundation problems.

    Foundation repair is best done by licensed and experienced professionals. Contractors use a variety of tools to repair your homes including concrete piers, boom lifts, pressure washers, and concrete piers, etc. They also use high-density polyurethane foam, while filling cracks. The foam, when applied to the concrete, creates a rigid surface that can bear weight without being deformed. The process of repairing your foundation involves many steps including removal of the cracked portion of the foundation, application of the high-density polyurethane foam, and repairing any damaged pipes or concrete piers.


    What do you need to know before hiring a Professional? 

    Before you hire a contractor to carry out the job of repairing your home, you must first check whether they are using the best quality materials to repair your homes. A good contractor would only use high-density polyurethane foam and materials that are approved by the Department of Transportation. You should also check the license and certification of the contractor. If you feel that the price quoted by the contractor is too high, then you can take them to court and request a quote from a better company.

    There are different types of repairs for different foundations. Cracks in concrete are typically repaired by simply filling the hole with new material. Concrete piers are commonly used to support a house while retaining its structural integrity. For this reason, piers are commonly used as temporary solutions for repairs. You may even need to replace some of the components such as cement boards, slabs, or blocks.

    In the case of the commercial building, most of the damages occur due to settling and sinking. Sinking happens when water starts to fill in a cavity that is below the ground level. Once the water starts sinking, the foundation starts to settle causing cracks and foundation settlement. Once the water levels recede, the area will again settle creating another crack. This cycle continues indefinitely and eventually leads to a total settlement of the structure.

    Foundation cracks may also indicate a more serious problem like settling and sinking. If the cracks appear perpendicular to the walls and if they widen at least four inches from the wall surface, then foundation problems like these must be addressed immediately. You may even find that the walls have shifted due to differential settlement. If you see signs of settling on the exterior walls, then it's likely that there is some damage on the interior walls. So if you see cracks on the wall then take action before the damage gets worse. Get in touch with us right away so that we can help you repair your home’s foundation.