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    When it comes to foundation issues, people ignore the signs. Sometimes, they wait until the last minute to have it fixed. It’s important to get the problem under control as soon as you notice that it starts to get flimsy. The best option to take would be to contact a professional contractor that knows how to fix the problem right away. Look after your home now by taking advantage of the services that we have to offer!

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    We pride ourselves on being the best foundation repair and waterproofing experts in Lakewood, CO! Our team consists of passionate, driven, and experienced individuals that have been in the industry for many years. No matter what kind of issues you may have with your home whether it's basement leaks, roof leaks, or broken pipes, we will always be ready with a solution! We will always be ready to give you the best options and at the most affordable prices.


    At Lakewood Foundation Repair pros, we always want to make sure that you are well taken cared of! Part of it is making sure that all of your foundation issues are repaired effectively and corrected right away as soon as we detect it. Our service can provide you with many solutions not just with foundation repair but also in different areas. Check out these services below and let us know which one you would like us to help you with!

    piers and beams 1 Lakewood Colorado

    When you are in need of foundation piers for your home, it is essential to find the right contractor and crew that will be able to handle the project properly. With several types of foundations to choose from, you will want to pick the one that is best suited to your location. For instance, helical piers are used when there is a dip in the ground, whereas post foundations are needed when the land rises off the ground, like on homes.

    This is why it's so important to choose the right company. You want a company that uses the best materials. You also want a company that uses these materials in an efficient and cost-effective manner. The right foundation repair service will be licensed, insured, and dedicated to making your foundations look great! If you're looking for a way to make your foundation's look great, then consider concrete piers. With these services, you can rest easy knowing that your foundations will look great for a long time to come.

    sump pumps 1 Lakewood Colorado

    One of the most common reasons why people opt for sump pump installation is to prevent the spread of mold and mildew. While many people may not realize it, mildew and mold can build up in a basement long before any visible water is present. These microscopic organisms can grow quite quickly in conditions where the air circulation is poor, resulting in the development of a musty smell. Aside from this, mold and mildew can cause structural damage to your basement walls, as well as creating health risks for anyone who is exposed to it. For these reasons, it is important to make sure that standing water in your basement is pumped out promptly so that damage does not become irreversible.

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    One of the main causes of basement leaks is poor waterproofing. Most houses are built with concrete and there is not enough support for soil that has settled and percolated through the concrete over years of construction. Sometimes, soil pressure or lateral pressure is the culprit when it comes to leaking basement problems. The soil pressure occurs when it pushes up on the house's ceiling. Sloping land means more pressure is put on the same area, causing foundation damage. Another cause of basement leaks is poor leveling of the house. This occurs when basement walls have been poured too deep and are not supported by the earth underneath them. To solve basement leaks, make sure that all of the soil surrounding the foundation has been packed and that there is no hydrostatic pressure on basement walls.

    Waterproofing and insulation unfinished house foundation wall. Waterproofing house foundation with bitumen membrane.

    You should always let your foundation repair contractor know what type of assistance you would like for any specific problem. If you notice damage that you believe is water-related call your foundation repair contractor as soon as possible. Some of these contractors offer emergency service, which is a good option in case of major foundation repairs due to unforeseen flooding or other catastrophic events. For smaller issues, your primary focus should be on how to fix it. Make note of any symptoms your home is experiencing so that you can contact the contractor right away when you notice these symptoms.

    If you notice any of these common signs of foundation problems or damages, don't delay in contacting a foundation repair company. The earlier you deal with any foundation problems the better chance you have of avoiding further damage to your home and property. Some of these issues can be easily fixed by yourself, while others may require the services of a foundation repair professional. Since many foundation cracks can be fixed by using household materials, it's often a good idea to first try to fix any foundation problems before you decide to call a contractor. You may just find the cost of repairs is less than the cost of buying a new home.

    foundation repair Lakewood Colorado

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    If your crawl space is starting to smell, or if you have water stains or mold on your walls, it may be time to begin thinking about crawl space encapsulation. Crawl spaces are the space below ground level of a house or other structure. They are often created by retaining walls or other structures which were created when the house was built. Because they are below ground level, they can also be harder to keep dry. Crawl space encapsulation can help keep moisture from collecting on your walls and floor and makes your foundation stronger for many years to come. You also avoid it from leaking through into the soil that surrounds your house which will rot your foundation if left wet for too long.

    foundation cracks 1 Lakewood Colorado

    Cracks are the result of stress placed on a foundation over time. Stress causes the ground to expand and contract. While expansion and contraction cause the soil to move, when soil movement is accompanied by cracks, it is considered an indication that some other damage has occurred to the foundation. Cracks are also a result of settling, which is a slow process that takes place over years. Settlement of the soil around a house occurs because of compaction and/or sedimentation.

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    A basement egress system is a perfect way to create an easy exit for an emergency situation or to extend the use of space. With many different options available it is important to determine the system that is right for the area where the emergency or other use would be most beneficial. The purchase price of the system may be low but the safety of the user and guests must always be considered.

    Homeowners often think that they can waterproof their porches by applying sealant and waterproofing tape. Although these products can keep moisture out, there are more effective and economical ways of waterproofing porches without using any products at all. Applying some coconut oil is one of the most common and least expensive ways to waterproof porches. The oil not only seals the surface but also attracts water, making it hard for moisture to penetrate.

    egress systems Lakewood Colorado
    deck and porch waterproofing Lakewood, Colorado
    radon testing Lakewood Colorado

    Radon mitigation refers to the control of radon gas in homes or commercial buildings. This type of gas is a radioactive substance that emanates from soil and occurs naturally. This gas is released into the air when it breaks down naturally, but there are also instances when it comes into contact with the living things inside a home or building. As the gas makes its way through the earth and into the air, the amount of radiation it contains increases.


    mold removal Lakewood Colorado

    Mold is a very versatile, ever-changing fungus that can easily and quickly grow within the walls of your house no matter whether it is during the cool and wet summer months or during the dry and hot winter months. Mold needs moisture, humidity, darkness, and an ideal food source in order to grow and spread extensively throughout an indoor living space. Mold loves wood and paper, cellulose materials like wool, cotton, and dried plant material such as hay. Mold likes to grow on dark surfaces such as flooring, window panes, countertops, and furniture. And mold is especially insidious because once mold has started to take hold within a home, it's very difficult, if not impossible, to eradicate

    French drains are channeled through a series of narrow, excavated holes called "drip trenches". A French drain is a long, narrow trench containing perforated drain pipe or gravel or stone or containing a channel that directs surface water away from a location. Drain pipes are laid horizontally, lengthwise, and then placed along the walls or floor of a drain trench. A French drain is a very effective way to install storm water run-off or sewer lines because it has a much higher flow capacity than standard sewer lines. This allows water to be diverted to the foundation more quickly so it can be used for landscaping and to eliminate sewer backing up.

    french drains Lakewood Colorado

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